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WRIST KEY HOLDER / Puffins-Brite trim

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Our Wrist Key Holders make it easy & quick to locate keys inside your bag, and can be worn around your wrist so keys are readily accessible while keeping your hands free.  The 1.25" wide nylon webbing (cut at 14" in length before folding) forms a loop wide enough to slide easily over your hand, and rest comfortably around your wrist.  Featuring our Puffins trim, this wrist key holder is customizable with your choice key ring hardware-finish (Antique Brass, Brushed Silver, or Gun Metal).  Perfect for gifts, or stocking stuffers, our new Wrist Key Holders have quickly become a staff favorite!



One of the most recognizable sea birds in Alaska is the Horned Puffin. With it's distinctive clown face, accentuated by a red & yellow beak, this tropical-looking seabird was often called "sea parrot" by early explorers. Horned Puffins are master swimmers & divers, spending most of their lives onthe open sea. They fly up to 55 mph by beating their wings as fast as 7 beats / second, giving them the appearance of black & white flying footballs! Found primarily in Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea coastal waters, they eat small fish and are often seen in-flight, carrying stacks of multiple fish in their bills. Breeding in deep underground burrows or in pockets along cliff faces, each spring produces a single chick by parents who mate for life. Populations are currently stable, but their limited distribution makes them vulnerable to human disturbance and changing climate. Visit www.AudubonAlaska.org to learn more about this fascinating species.

Artist: Sally Park
Showcasing this delightful & fascinating species, Sally Park, accomplished artist, art teacher and wildlife enthusiast, designed the Sea Otter trim exclusively for Copper River Fleece.

HARDWARE -- choose from 3 finish options: 

Antique Brass:

Brushed Silver:


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