Artist:  Mike Webber
Salmon Bear Paw Trim
Copper River Fleece is especially pleased to offer this uniquely Cordovan
salmon trim, designed by accomplished Alaskan artist and fisherman Michael
Webber. Born of a rich Alutiiq and Tlingit ancestry, Mike grew up living the
cycles of fishing, hunting, and harvesting on the Copper River Delta in Cordova,
Alaska, where his ancestry reaches back to the first footsteps in this region.
Shaped by his passions for commercial fishing, traditional Native arts, and a
deep respect for the land and its resources, Mike’s heritage and the culture of
his surroundings are woven into all aspects of his art. Mike’s traditional and
contemporary Alaskan woodcarvings, including masterfully handcrafted totems
and masks, are on display at: Embodying the rich Native
history of this land and its people, Mike designed this trim exclusively for
Copper River Fleece, a homegrown Cordova, Alaska company.
The town of Cordova is built on the abundance of wild Copper River Salmon. A delicate and carefully guarded balance exists
between the harvesting of salmon and the respect and protection of this life-source. Thus inspired, this trim portrays three
Tlingit salmon and one Haida-style salmon, jumping and flipping between bear tracks.  Two of the salmon are female and two are
male—the males can be identified by their hooked noses. Note the distinct characteristics of each stylized fish: the various
bellybone,  backbone,  and  tail designs,  the  teeth  and  hooked  nose  of  a mature male,  and the traditional  Tlingit  symbols
woven into each fish: U and S shapes, ovoids, and circles.   The essence of Cordova’s very spirit, Copper River Salmon make a
splash wherever they appear in the fishing net, on the dinner table, or trimming our clothing.  
Mike Webber
Copper  River  Fleece
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